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The Emsland

Surrounded by nature, cycle paths and places of interest

Welcome to your holiday 'in the green'.
Whether cycling, hiking, or taking in sights of cultural, historical or technical interest – with us there is something for everybody to discover.


The Hotel Zur Linde is located close to the thousand year old linden tree after which it is named.

The Old Linden Tree

The ‘Dicke Linde’ in the centre of the municipality of Heede is shrouded in legend. In the place where the Schärpenburg knights once held power against the Dutch, a mighty linden tree stands as a witness of a troubled and eventful past, outliving successive generations of people and values. It is traditionally known as the ‘1000 year linden tree’. Even if this is perhaps not a true reflection of its actual age, the Heede Linden Tree remains the mightiest tree in all of northern Germany.

Its trunk has a circumference of 19 metres and it stands 30 metres high, with a crown width of around 40 metres.

Natural Monument

This is how it was formed: some time in the early fifteenth century, a number of young trees were planted in a circle so closely together that after a few years, their roots became entangled. The ground around was removed from around them, exposing what then became the trunk. And this is the Linden tree we still see today, with fifteen – originally sixteen – branches emanating from the gnarled trunk, a short height above the earth.

Our Linden tree stands alone as the witness of a dark and difficult time. Year after year, its mighty green canopy grows anew, and an inexhaustible life blood seems to flow through its veins. Entire dynasties have come and gone but this tree has outlasted them all, and when it really does reach the grand age of 1000 years, a fully different generation of people will be sitting under its shade.

In the Shade of the Linden Tree

Many years ago, an inn was established in the shade of the tree.

When the Niemeyer family took over the catering establishment in 1985, they decided to rename it ‘Hotel zur Linde’. 

Since then, the hotel has undergone constant development and expansion, so that we can continue to accommodate our guests’ increasing expectations.

1000 jährige Linde

Your Holiday in Our Region

Our hotel not only accommodates cyclists’ needs, but its services are also perfect for club tours and tourist groups of all kinds.

We can organise your entire stay.

If you like, we can book tours of local and regional points of interest, including ‘Meyer Werft’ in Papenburg, the ‘Bourtange’ fort in The Netherlands, and others.

We can also arrange many other activities in accordance with your wishes and requirements. If you have any further questions or wishes, please feel free to contact us, and together we will draw up your individual holiday schedule.

If you are looking to spend an unforgettable time in the Emsland region, we are the ones you can trust.

Please contact us at any time so that we can discuss and realise your plans together with you.

You can call us by phone at: 04963 9169-0
Or contact us by e-mail at:

Two examples of how you might like to spend your holiday:

With it's splendid nature and unique beauty, Emsland has proven to be a popular and unforgettable destination for hiking groups. Its hiking trails are still challenging to experienced hikers while providing plenty of wonderful surprises for those who prefer shorter walks. 

The hiking routes take in several points of artistic and cultural interest, such as Fort Bourtange in The Netherlands or the Emsland moor. 
Not only does our hotel offer hikers a choice of fantastic walking routes and trails, but we also specialise in providing our hiking guests with a unique range of services and partners.

Emsland is an Eldorado for Bicycle Tours!

Our hotel is located on the following bicycle routes:
Emsland Route, Dortmund Ems Canal Route (DEK), Ems Cycle Path (from the spring to the mouth), United Countries Tour (UCT) and the edge of the Fen Route. 

Day 1 
Arrival and check-in, free time in Heede including a typical Emsland evening meal. The various cycle routes for the following days will be presented to you in the course of the evening. 

Day 2 
Cycle tour: Papenburg – Meyer Werft – Heede (approx. 45 km) 
Cycle tour to Papenburg directly along the Ems to the Meyer Werft shipyard, including a film presentation and guided tour of Meyer Werft. Short stay in Papenburg. 
Return via Aschendorf, going past the Gut Altenkamp estate before arriving back at the hotel. This attractive route also includes a chance to experience the hand-drawn ‘Leher Pünte’ ferry. 

Day 3 
Cycling beyond the border (approx. 46 km) 
Cycle tour to Holland, passing by the Heeder See lake, the Moor observation tower, a short stretch through the Moor, and over the border to Holland. The cycle route takes you past typical small Dutch houses with the short curtains, as you make your way to the seventeenth century Fort Bourtange. 

Day 4 
Cycle route: Heede –Transrapid Maglev Monorail – Heede (approx. 50 km) 
The cycle tour takes you from Heede to Dörpen and the Transrapid information centre, where a film presentation will be shown. Ride along the test route to the railway station at Lathen, where you will have a chance to view the Tr 07 exhibition train. The route then continues through Lathen towards Hilter, along a beautiful stretch following the Ems and through the Marina park, one of the most picturesque boat harbours in Emsland, before returning to the hotel.

Day 5 
Journey home

We can offer you further day tours towards Clemsnswerth hunting lodge, along the Fen Route, or on a guided tour to the coast. However, you will need a bicycle trailer, as the tours start and finish in different places.
On all cycle tours, you will be provided with plenty of maps and route planners. You can also be accompanied by experienced travel guides on these tours. 
Our quality bicycle hire service: we can highly recommend the exclusive Emsland cycle, which comes with plenty of comfort features, such as a seven-speed gear system, puncture-proof tyres, multifunction handlebars, gel saddle, and much more. 

Wandern und Radwandern

Impressions from the region


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